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What is a System boiler?

System boilers work on a similar principle as a regular or conventional boiler, i.e. they store hot water in a hot water tank or cylinder. However, a system boiler has evolved from the conventional boiler in that the hot water and heating components of the system are actually built into the boiler itself. Another difference between a system boiler and a conventional boiler is that there is no need for a tank in the loft space. This means your loft could be better used for storage or as a converted bedroom. This makes system boilers a suitable choice for a home where there is no loft space, or where the loft space is used for another purpose.

System boilers are less complicated to install and cause less disruption during the installation process than conventional boilers because there is less pipe work to navigate. There are also fewer parts to the system because there is no feed and expansion cistern in the loft, meaning they take up much less space. Due to the built-in components, installation is much quicker and again, less intrusive.

System boilers are generally much quicker and also much more economical to run than traditional boilers. This is because the boiler itself pumps hot water directly to the radiators and the hot water storage cylinder from its internal pump and expansion vessel.

System boilers can be the preferable choice over the combi boiler when you live in a home or building that has several bathrooms or where you require more hot water than a combi boiler can provide.

System Boiler - How is works
John Wilkinson system Boiler Installed


What can John Wilkinson offer you?

System Boiler Installations

Regular or Conventional installations based in Warrington

John Wilkinson are a major supplier of system boilers based in Warrington. We have a large range of boilers for you to choose from including some excellent system boilers. We have over 30 years experience in the boiler industry, and are accredited installers of Worcester Bosch central heating systems. We can handle every aspect of your boiler installation. We can help you choose which boiler is the right one for your property and which suits your needs and the needs of your family. We can also help you finance your boiler with no upfront costs or deposit so that you can pay for your boiler in fixed monthly installments. Our team of experts will also install the boiler for you quickly and efficiently with minimum disruption.

Regular & Conventional Boiler Finance

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