Smart Controls

Smart heating controls

More and more households are saving money by taking advantage of smart heating controls. 

Control from your phone

Control from your phone

 Is smart heating right for you?


Smart stands for ‘Self-Monitoring Analysis & Reporting Technology’, different from programmable thermostats. A smart thermostat allows you to control your heating system from a mobile device outside the household. So, in theory, as long as you had an internet connection, you’d be able to use your smart heating controls anywhere in the world. Some smart controls can now make adjustments to the indoor temperature according to the temperature outside.

Smart heating controls are great for people who like to play with technology. They do have practical functions, but you might not be interested in smart heating controls and find that a traditional conventional programmable heating control is more suitable to your needs.

No fuss, no mess installations

Programmable heating controls are a common feature in most homes. They are used to control when the central heating is on, and do so through the use of a timer that you can manually schedule to switch on and off at your convenience.

Whatever your heating needs, JW Heating Services are accredited to supply and install a wide range of smart heating controls, smart thermostats and programmable controls.

All smart and programmable heating controls can be installed with relative ease and no disruption. If you’re unsure about which type of heating control is the right type of heating control for you then feel free to contact us and speak to one our specially trained technicians.

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