Energy Saving Gadgets

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27 June 2017
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Energy Saving Gadgets

A home energy monitor

Home energy saving monitor

Energy monitors are small gadgets which help you exercise which appliances in your house are utilising by far the most energy and just how much it’s costing you. Additionally, they let you know how much cash you’re saving once you start to create changes.

Average cost: £40 – £100 (depending on the model you choose)

Savings: This can help you to make changes that will save you money on your electricity bills.


Automatic Radiator Bleeder

Automatic radiator bleeder

An automated radiator bleeder automatically releases the built-up air within your radiator so you’re only left using the warm water, more effective central heating system and reduced heating bills.


If radiators usually are not regularly bled, the efficiency from the radiator decreases proportionately to the quantity of air which has developed within it, meaning you utilize much more energy to obtain a lot less heat.


Average cost: £10 – £21

Savings: Reduces your heating bill and saves the messy job of bleeding your radiators manually.


Radiator Foil

Radiator Foil

A substantial proportion from the heat your radiators put out is absorbed from the wall. Radiator foil sits involving the radiator as well as the wall and reflects the temperature into the room, so that you can enjoy all of the warmth you’re spending money on.


Average cost: £15 – £20

Savings: Depending on the size of your radiators, you could find that you save a significant amount on heating bills




Instead of using electricity to charge your gadgets, like phones, laptops and gaming devices, why not make use of the sun’s rays?


The FreeLoader comes with an internal battery that will power your cell phone for approximately 44 hours, your iPod for 18 hours, or perhaps your PSP for a couple of.5 hours when it’s fully charged.

Average cost: £15 – £50 (depending on the model)

Savings: This saves you money on your electricity bills – and the more gadgets you have, the more you stand to save.


Eco Flap

Eco Flap

Do you notice the amount of a draught comes via your letterbox? The Ecoflap replaces the brushes, seals or flaps within your letterbox, and ensures the cold air stays out.


Average cost: £20 – £25

Savings: Saves you money on your heating bill.


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