Choosing the Right Boiler

Our friendly and professional team are on hand to discuss in more detail with you which type of boiler and system is right for you and your property. However, if you would like a little background reading first then hopefully the following information will be of help.
There are three different types of high-efficiency condensing boiler: Combi, Regular (sometimes called a “traditional” or “conventional” boiler) and System.
These are all highly-efficient systems, their efficiency enhanced using the latest technology, but which one is most suitable to you depends on a number of factors.
Below is a quick overview of each type of system, along with links to more detailed information:
Regular & Conventional Boiler Layour


Short for “Combination”, the high efficiency condensing Combi boiler has as one of its main advantages the fact that it saves a lot of space. It can also save a lot of money.
A Combi boiler heats your hot water as well as providing the heat for the radiators, and is a compact, small, unit. This means it can be installed in your kitchen or utility room, or perhaps in your airing cupboard.

Regular Boilers

If you are looking at replacing an older boiler, it’s more than likely your existing system will be a regular, or conventional, boiler.
This typically consists of a boiler; external controls located some distance away; a feed with expansion cistern; a hot water tank – normally in the airing cupboard – and a cold water storage tank – usually sited above the airing cupboard, in the loft.

System Boilers

A System boiler is similar to a Regular boiler in that it uses stored water, but many of the heating and hot water components are actually built into a System boiler, rather than being in different parts of your property. This allows for a quicker, cleaner and more easier installation. There is also no need for a feed and expansion cistern which provides a quicker response and more economical running costs.

Which Boiler is Right for Me?

Combi boilers are an excellent choice if, for example, you want to free up space in your loft to allow more storage or even to allow the building of a loft conversion.
If you’ve limited roof space anyway, perhaps you live in a flat or a dormer-bungalow, again a Combi would seem the most suitable choice.
For homes with more than two bathrooms it may be that a Regular or System boiler would be most suited – but we can discuss this with you to see if that really is the case.
If you have low mains water pressure then again a Regular or System boiler would seem best suited – but we can check just how low your pressure is and you may find we can fit a Combi boiler if that is what you would prefer.
Technology has moved on rapidly, and even if your current boiler doesn’t seem so old, you could be surprised at how efficient a brand new boiler can be. All three types of boiler should provide you with cost savings.
If you find that you forget to switch your hot water on, or only get to use it after everybody else in the house has taken their share, then instead of having to wait for it to heat up again a Combi would probably be the best choice for you: there is no need to wait, a Combi boiler provides instant hot water on tap.
If you’ve more questions, or already feel you know what type of system you’d like, please get in touch with us for an informal chat.